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Kamado Joe®, a leader in the ceramic kamado grill category, has redefined cooking with pellets in a high-quality ceramic grill. Now you can experience all the benefits of heat retention and the fuel efficiency of a kamado grill, with the convenience of pellets. The grill is designed to the highest quality standard and provides unsurpassed flavor and tender food.

  • Thermostatically controlled to maintain the desired temperature

  • Reaches temperatures up to 600˚F – higher than traditional pellet grills

  • The stainless-steel hopper holds 10lbs of pellets for up to 14 hours of burn time at smoking temperatures

  • The efficiency of a ceramic chamber allows for less pellets and longer cooking time

  • Full control and monitoring with WiFi control gives you a perfect cook every time

  • Pellet agitators within the integrated hopper nearly eliminate pellet bridging and jams

  • Pellet Joe scoop (included) allows you to easily scoop pellets and load into the hopper

  • Additional Features – aluminum side shelves, air lift hinge, stainless steel latch, fiberglass gasket (sealed to the hard surface of the grill), smoke tower, drip bucket, two meat probes & one pit probe

Model Number:KJ15260020

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