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Air lift hinge won't hold your Kamado Joe lid open?

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

So your Air lift hinge won't hold your Kamado Joe lid open? This is a really simple fix. Normally I'd post a YouTube video to go along with the post but this one is to easy. Why watch a 4 minute video when you can read a 2 minute article?

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Air Lift Hinge on the Kamado Joe
Kamado Joe Air Lift Hinge

This is the air lift hinge on my Kamado Joe Classic II. Wheeling it in and out of my garage has and the constant use caused my lid to not latch and not stay open.

When you look at the air lift hinge maybe you are looking for an adjustable bolt or some sort of contraption on the hinge itself. Don't bother getting on the ground and looking under the hinge as the bolt you will need to adjust is on the inside the Kamado itself.

Tools to fix the Kamado Joe
Tool Needed

You only need one tool for this job and that's the Vise Grips. I'll show you what the phillips screwdriver is for in another post.

I use the Vise Grips so I can adjust any other loose bolts as needed. My handle gets wobbly frequently. The proper tool would be a 10mm crescent wrench if you don't have Vise Grips or you are worried about stripping the nut.

Now let's get down to the nuts and bolts of the article:

This is the nut you're looking for! Notice the flat part on the bolt.

Kamado Joe Lid Fix
The bolt rests a little lower than the gasket

Easy fix
Turn clockwise

Be sure to turn clockwise. If the bolt moves with the nut you will need to grab another wrench. You can see on this picture and the one above the flat part of the bolt. It will be on each side of the bolt so if you have a 7mm crescent wrench use it to hold the bolt in place while adjusting the nut. If you don't have the correct size you can use another adjustable wrench. Space may get tight.

The nut and bolt needed to fix the air lift hinge and keep the kamado lid open
Adjusting the Air lift hinge on the Kamado Joe

The test! Boom it works!

Air lift hinge works on my kamado joe!
Kamado Joe Lid stays open!

Go ahead and tighten the nuts on the handle while you have your wrench handy.

Hope this helps!

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