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Joe vs. the Brisket Recipe! My Mouth is still watering!!! High Heat for a faster cook!

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Now normally I'm all in for low and slow. I'd had a whole packer weighing in around 18lbs.

Check out the video and read below for my results! Who doesn't love a good brisket?

Now this video is also very instructional. Don't forget to trim the silver skin as well. I tend to make my own rubs to suit my tastes so I went for a little more than the traditional salt & pepper brisket rub.

The Brisket! Whole packer cut! It didn't even fit on my cutting board.

Trimmed up and rubbing it down!

Loading the Kamado. I might had added a few to many chunks.

On the smoker it goes...

As you can see this brisket took every bit of 18" of space on my Kamado Joe Classic II

*Note make sure to add the bourbon/cider mix to the drip pan before placing the brisket and getting everything set up it will be much easier...

Sorry for the poor quality as I said I'm an average joe not a professional blogger.... but here is the evidence of the cook instead of just writing about the top 20 grills and not owning one single one for the list just to get some clicks.

*Note at higher temps pay attention to the drip pan it will evaporate that much faster. As you can see mine dried out and started to crust over.

I have my probes in but still like to use my instant read. Pulled and foiled to get to the 200 temp range.

It had an awesome smoke ring and even more awesome flavor.

I didn't get the bendy test because most of the time for every slice I cut, I'd eat a slice... I'm more into the food than the flash. It'd might had got a little hot as the internal hit 203 when I wrapped it in towels and let it rest in the cooler to hold temp.

Low and slow vs higher heat... It all comes down to time right? This was still super flavorful, melt in your mouth goodness. I've made many briskets for numerous parties and put them on the night before waking up every couple hours to check the temp. This will get that job done faster and maybe you won't have to down a few energy drinks to stay awake for the event.

I use the Kamado Joe Classic II! Check out for more information on the Kamado Joe, accessories, fuel, meats and more! I also participate in some affiliate programs! So far I've made 2 dollars! Thanks for help keeping the flame going!


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