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Joe vs. the Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Sugar Butter recipe by Bobby Flay. Grilled on the Kamado

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

You can find the Food Network recipe here

Well I doubt I'd beat Bobby Flay in a cook off but my kids do love this recipe. I'm not a big peach fan but I'm a huge fan of these. This recipe is quick and simple and doesn't take much work. It's perfect when you buy a bag of peaches for the kids and they only manage to eat just one. If you are a parent you probably know that kids ask for fruits and veggies and then they eat one or two and the rest spoil. Toss them on the grill before they get over ripe and spoil. I've grilled apples, pears, and plums they make a great snack and the grill is a great way to use them before they go bad.

If I have something I'm smoking on the grill I will go the low and slow route at 220 Degrees and get these on to try and get a hint of smokiness in them as well. Just keep an eye on them and make sure they cook through. I also add some honey to them as well.

I was able to find just one picture in my archives. The picture wasn't on the grill or showing a whole batch it was just one lonely half of a peach. The kids grabbed them right off of the pan like fresh cookies out of the oven. We are out of peach season now but next time I cook them on the grill I'll add some more pictures. It's not even a great picture of the half of peach but it does prove you can get the kids to eat their fruits (smothered in cinnamon butter with a drizzle of honey doesn't hurt either)

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