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Emergency Preparedness Bug Out Bag

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

I've been meaning to revise my "Bug out bag" aka emergency preparedness bag for a while now. It's often cross utilized with my camping gear. In an emergency situation or in a SHTF scenario it needs to be grabbed and go! So ideally it will need to an item on it's own.

My thoughts are building it from scratch, even though I already have some of these items. In doing so, I've decided to post it here for all to see and get some ideas.

This should be a pretty complete list with redundancies going by the motto "Two is one and one is none".

Total weight is approximated at 33lbs rounded up and it's package weight. Loaded weight shouldn't exceed 20% of body weight. This comes in at 16% total body weight for myself. Living in the coastal south, hurricanes and flooding have effected my area. This bag is geared for that environment. Next up would be bags for the entire family.

I've included items I've owned or items that are highly regarded. I've tried not to include any cheap knock off items. When it comes to survival or an emergency situation we don't want failure.

I already own the Kelty Redwing and I like it's space and comfort. I have the Sawyer Squeeze and a Life Straw (not added to this list). I also have the Mora knife, Kershaw, Gerber.

I have several Anker products and they seem reliable. I've owned the Mudman watch for years and will keep it in the bag as a backup to my primary smart watch. I've contemplated adding in a write in the rain note pad. Some playing cards. What is not listed is anything self defense related or personal documents as backup.

The cost from scratch for all of this? Just under $2,000 not including tax. Good news with Amazon Prime it ships free.

The List:

The Bag 4lbs

Shelter 5lbs

Clothing 5lbs- Southeast wet climate

Fire 1lbs-Two is One and One is None

Water 2.5lbs-Two is One and One is None

Food 3lbs

Cooking 3.5lbs

Light / Power / Radio 4lbs

Utility 2lbs

Cordage 2lbs

Navigation 1lb

First Aide 1lb

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