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Joe vs. The Best Smoked Eggs recipe by PitMaster X

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I love hard boiled eggs as a snack and if you read my Twinkie Post you will find I like to toss a lot of random things on the Kamado Joe while smoking something low and slow.

Yeah that's random!

If you watch the Pitmaster X video above you will note that after he does his "scientific" experiment it is better and more convenient to just soft boil them inside the home. I already had the smoker going for the chuck roast at around 250 degrees. Check out the Joe vs. the BEST Smoked Chuck Roast by Break It Yourself.

He definitely went heavy on the smoke. The first peeled egg he put on the Kamado Joe *spoiler alert* for 20 minutes and it ended up with the leather texture and ashtray taste. I don't think that was because of the length of time as much as it was because he had the thick heavy dirty white smoke. That is why it actually and ended up with an acrid creosote tasting egg. Remember we are looking for a thin bluish tint to our smoke for that optimal flavor.

I've made smoked eggs quite a few times and usually my low and low temp is at 220 degrees. Many recipes will call for around 2 hours @ 225 degrees. So I found two hours is a good time with turning them after an hour worked for me. They will be fully cooked at that temp and time. The good news is with multiple eggs on the grill you can experiment with your desired doneness. I did not follow his times in the original video. After they are boiled you can peel them and toss them back on for a hint of smokiness.

Smoked Eggs on the Kamado Joe
Smoked Eggs

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