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Kamado Joe lid won't latch? Find check out the easy fix!

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

No video needed for this one! Just grab a small Phillips Screwdriver! Why watch a 4-minute video when a 1-minute read will do?

Will your latch just not reach? Do you have to put a lot of weight down on the lid to get it to close? Adjust the phillips screw under the latch to fix the problem.

Any old phillips head screwdriver will work.

Just tighten that screw and you are good to go. Adjust more if needed but a few good turns should do it. Just remember righty tighty lefty loosey!

While you are at it you can use the screwdriver to clean those hard to reach areas!

Screw it!
Cleaning the Kamado Joe hard to reach areas!

Cleaning the Kamado Joe... Screw it!
Perfect for getting in between the gap of the fire box

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