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Joe vs. the St. Louis Style Ribs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Hey Maaartha! BBQ Pit Boys are great! It's almost as if Bob Ross fired up the BBQ instead of picking up the paint brush. I'd attempt to join one of their chapters but I don't meet the beard requirement.

Here is the BBQ YouTube video recipe .

This is your standard recipe for getting the job done. BBQ Pit Boys is the one of the top rated YouTube channels for cooking and #1 for BBQ, #1 on Facebook.

Bob Ahlgren narrates and he really puts me in the mind of Bob Ross. From their Facebook:

"The BBQ Pit Boys demonstrate the basic techniques of cooking Old-Time Barbecue and Grilling, including what tools you'll need, how to select the correct cuts of meat for the smoker or grill, and when to use the "low and slow", direct, and indirect heating methods

ST LOUIS SPARE RIBS Saint Louis style BBQ Spare Ribs recipe for the grill. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys trim up and then barbecue "low and slow" some great tasting pork ribs.THE INGREDIENTS YOU'LL NEED:

  • 4-5lbs Pork Back "Spare" Ribs

  • Your favorite Dry Rub

  • Your favorite Barbecue Sauce

  • Mustard

  • Wood chunks or chips for added smoke (optional)

DIRECTIONS 1. To start, choose some fresh Pork Spare Ribs. 2. Preheat your grill to 225-250f. 3. Wash and dry ribs. Then trim and remove the membrane. 4. Now rub in mustard on all sides. 5. Lightly apply dry rub seasoning to both sides of the slab. Let stand for 15-30 minutes.. 6. Allow ribs to come to room temperature just before placing on the grill. 7. Place a water or basting pan on the grill, or within the coals for added moisture. (optional) 8. BBQ at 225-250f opposite coals with closed grill lid for 3-4 hours. 9. Mop the ribs several times. 10. To keep from over cooking, remove the racks when they pull apart easily, with meat still attached to the bone. 11. Serve with your favorite barbecue sauce.

Now, if you are new to low and slow on a smoker and still getting used to it, you probably desire that awesome bark with that nice smoke ring. The smoke ring is like a badge of honor for many.

You maybe wondering why the mustard bath? Mustard is used by many top pit bosses and competition winners around the world. The mustard will help bind the rub to the meat and it's vinegar based as well. The mustard will evaporate away and won't add mustard flavoring to the finished product. Now if you have a mustard based BBQ sauce or Carolina style that you are mopping the meat with that will impart the finished product with a mustard taste.

I didn't get the final picture as I was hungry and was rushed and sometimes when smoking food it's not an exact science as to when it will be done so everyone was getting hangry. You will also notice the mopping sauce caked up on the heat deflectors... I totally forgot my drippings pan and or water pan. Look below for the link to a 16 round cake pan on amazon that fits perfect on the heat deflectors.

I use the Kamado Joe Classic II! Check out for more information on the Kamado Joe, accessories, fuel, meats and more! I also participate in some affiliate programs! So far I've made 2 dollars! Thanks for help keeping the flame going!


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