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Tasty BBQ Appetizer? Try some smoked Cheez-its!

Smoked Cheez-It's
Smoked Cheez-It's

I don't have a recipe for this one I just toss them on the smoker for a quick snack when I'm smoking a pork butt or whatever else that gives me the room (just another reason to upgrade to the Big Joe)

You can use your favorite rub for these or make your own. I drizzle some olive oil and season to taste. This latest round I used Meat Church's The Gospel All Purpose Rub. Let them sit in the smoker for a couple of hours and they good to go. If you like the extra toast version of the Cheez its you will love these.

This isn't your usual BBQ appetizer or BBQ side. The smoked Cheez It's seems to get questioned by your guests until they try them. Definitely a conversation piece so give them a try the next time you have some room on the smoker.


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