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Vintage 80's toys? Tranformers, BTTF, Voltron? Lego's get them before they retire!

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Any average Joe growing up in the 80's has likely played with one or all of these toys! Lego has some genius marketing people reinventing classic 80's toys such as Transformers, Voltron, Ghostbusters and even Batman from the 1989 movie.

Lego Voltron and Lego Optimus Prime side by side
Lego Voltron Vs. Lego Optimus Prime

Unfortunately if you are just now discovering these awesome Lego mash ups it's to late to get Voltron as he is officially retired. However you can still snag Optimus Prime before he retires! He's actually on sale right now 20% off on Amazon for $179.00. Comparatively the retired Voltron value is nearly $500 as of writing this article . Once the Lego retires (discontinued) you will have to purchase them through a reseller and pay steep prices. Here is a link below for Optimus Prime and Voltron.

Voltron does transform into the individual Lions and Optimus Prime does transform into his classic Semi Truck form. Overall I would say Voltron is my favorite of the two he does stand about 2 inches taller and seems to be more "durable". Optimus Prime does take many ques from his classic G1 counterpart which makes this a must have for any one that owned the original toy as a kid.

Lego Voltron

Lego Optimus Prime

You can buy a reissue of the G1 Optimus Prime he was an exclusive to Toy's R Us. I've included an link to him and an amazing deal on the G1 Bumblebee which almost seems to good to be true at just $15 dollars! This Optimus includes his trailer unlike the Lego Optimus Prime which does not include the trailer.

G1 Optimus Prime

G1 Bumblebee

The other vintage 80s Lego I currently have? This one is still in the box waiting to be assembled!

Back to the Future Lego DeLorean
BTTF Lego DeLorean

The Lego Back to the Future DeLorean was out of stock for months and was fetching over $300 dollars by resellers. Grab the BTTF Lego DeLorean while it is back in stock and before it retires and goes up in price! The Holiday season is right around the corner and this is a perfect gift for fans. You can build it in any version from the movies.

LEGO Back to The Future Time Machine 10300 1856 picees

Lego has put out a few different versions of the DeLorean. The one linked above is the largest set. Which is set 10300 vs 21103 which was retired in 2014.

LEGO 21103 The Delorean Time Machine Building Set 401 pieces

The now retired Lego Dimensions DeLorean is even smaller and can be found on Ebay.

Bucket list items for me? How about this mash!?!?!?

BTTF meets Transformers with appropriately named Gigawatt. Two classic 80s franchises come together with Back to the Future and Transformers! If I recall he was a KB Toys and Walmart exclusive but sold out fast. I don't believe Gigawatt us being made anymore.

Next up on the bucket list Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1 currently going for $239.00 and not currently retired but I have seen some stock issues. Get Lego Ecto-1 before it retires. Compared to the 1989 Lego Batmobile currently retired and going for over $500! Be sure to get version 76139 vs. 40433! 76139 has 3306 pieces vs. 366 pieces.

If the 1989 Lego Batmobile is any indication of the future retired value of the Lego sets of Optimus Prime, Ecto-1 and the BTTF DeLorean this will also be good investments. I just went to the Lego store and saw the 1989 Lego Batwing which is also a must have on the bucket list.

Did I miss a set? Please let me know! I know I didn't include any Lego Star Wars in this as they should be in a category of their own. With new Star Wars content coming out newer versions of sets do get released.

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