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All Meat and a Little Bit of Bone

Welcome to the redesigned FFBBQ.

What do we love? Meat!  What we don't love is Bone.  Unless it a tomahawk or getting that clean pull on a pork shoulder bone.  My goal is to provide as much meat in an article and less bone.  What I don't like when visiting websites is a ton of ads, popups and you have to scroll through 3 pages just to get to the recipe or the review.  his site is a work in progress, as I said I'm an average Joe and don't build websites for a living.  I don't expect to make anything from the site but it would be nice to have it pay for itself.  Unlike other blogs or affiliate marketing sites I'm not going to make you "click here for pricing" just to get the cookie.  I'm going to do my best to update the pricing regularly.  You also won't see many adds on the site as I want to keep it as clean as possible.  I hope you find it useful.  Help keep the flame going by clicking on the links and purchasing if you like the product.  I believe I'm also supposed to reveal if I've been given or have any paid endorsements.... I have not but who doesn't love free stuff?  If you are a manufacturer, retailer, or just whatever I'll gladly give an honest review for free stuff so reach out .  Not sure about the images... they are copyrighted by their respective companies.  Unless of course it's my image then I'm copyrighting those!  

I'm just an average joe trying to help fellow BBQers out.  When I bought my Kamado Joe Classic II I had no reference other than online.  I went for the best deal I could find but ended up waited weeks for it to ship.  All over saving a few bucks.   In hindsight if it was available at one of my local retailers I should had just bought it there and picked up a bag of lump with it then I would have been smoking a pork butt much sooner.  


This is how my KJ was delivered, it will come via freight on a pallet in a box.

I like to entertain and I have a large family.  I should have gone for the Big Joe, when cooking steaks on the Classic II I don't have much room when I toss on the cast iron to get a good sear.  Keep that in mind when selecting your kamado.  Size does matter.  The next purchase is going to be an extender it's also on the bucket list.  At the bottom of the page you will see some of my cooks but be sure to check out the blog.



I started out on a Weber Kettle mostly grilling. I moved to an electric smoker that after a couple years I shorted out when the juices from brisket I was cooking overflowed into the heating element and caught fire.   I then upgraded to the Pit Barrel Cooker.  I also own two Weber Kettles and the Chargriller Akorn.










Please email for any suggestions, comments or concerns.



Some cooks below

Pit Barrel Cooker smoked chicken wings
Smoked Queso on the Kamado
Smoked Queso on the Kamado
Filet and Asparagus on the Kamado
Sliced Brisket on the Kamado
Smoked Queso on the Kamado
Pork Butt on the Kamado
Two Tomahawk Ribeyes on the Kamado
Wings and Drums on the Kamado
Boston Butt on the Kamado
Ribs on the Kamado
Beef Ribs and Chicken on the Kamado
Smoked Eggs and a Chuck Roast on the Kamado
Pork Shoulder smoked in a dutch oven on the Kamado
Kamado Joe Classic II shipped in the box
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