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Filets on the KJII
Pit Barrel Cooker Smoking

Which grill and or smoker is best for you?  It really depends on the budget!  What can give the best flavor? That can be really subjective as well. 


There is the great pellet smoker debate.  While I don't own one I've eaten BBQ off of them and I think you can taste less of a smoke flavor.


Mad Scientist BBQ did a great video of an expensive brisket on a cheap off set and a cheap brisket of and expensive offset.  Spoiler alert the expensive offset won the taste test.


I grew up eating BBQ flavored by the fueled of Kingsford briquettes.  Family reunions, back yard BBQs, that was standard in my family so the Weber and Pit Barrell are still favorites.

Lump charcoal vs briquettes will provide a different flavor profile.  Make sure you try some BBQ cooked from both styles before picking your next grill/smoker.  

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Ribs on the KJII
Vintage Weber Kettle
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