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Rubs Sauces and Brines

I enjoy making my own rubs, sauces and brines but I do enjoy a buying some of the top brands.  Here a some of the best on the market.
Check out the recommendations below.


Brining meats "soaks" the flavor in and depending on the meat determines the length of time in the brine.  It can be any where from minutes to hours.  Make sure to do some research on the length, some brines with vinegar can actually start to cook the meat.  

Some brines can actually be used as an injectable to get the flavor all the way in.  Both of these methods can help add moisture to the meat as well.

Rubbing meat this will bring the flavor and make the bark.  Just like the brine we want to let the rub set in.

Sauces can vary as well, some are used while cooking others used as a side.

Check out below for my favorites and some best sellers on Amazon.

Meat Church

You probably won't find these rubs at the local store but they are a great choice and great variety.  Matt Pittman's brand with the Gospel coming in at lucky #13 in the Top 15 best selling BBQ rubs on Amazon.  These taste great and should be ranked higher.

Famous Dave's

You can pick these up at the local store.  I love to put these on my steaks and burgers.

Bone Suckin

I've seen some in stores.  This was surprisingly good.

Killer Hogs

This is Malcom Reeds brand this is ranked as the #8 best seller on Amazon.

Slap Yo Daddy

Harry Soo's brand

Kosmo's Q

Kosmos comes in at #5 ranked best selling BBQ seasoning on Amazon.  Packed full of flavor.  I can't wait to try all varieties.

Hardcord Carnivore

Jess Pryles Brand

Bad Byron's

Bad Byron's ranks #16 out of the top 20 best selling rubs on Amazon.  I've picked up this at the local grocery store as well as Sam's Club.

Heath Riles Seasonings

He does have the #3 ranked best selling BBQ seasoning on Amazon

Plowboys Seasonings

What is the #1 best selling BBQ seasoning or rub on Amazon? Traeger Grills SPC171 Pork and Poultry Rub with Apple and Honey 

I'm really surprised on this one.  I haven't tried it but Traeger is one of the best selling pellet smokers so the name carries a lot of weight.

Dukes Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

If you live in the south Dukes is the undisputed #1 choice of mayonnaise.  On a whim I was in a rush to grab a sauce and picked this up.  It is my favorite store brand sauce.  Give it a try.  The other varieties are great as well but the Gold is the best.  Give the Alabama White a try on chicken. 

Bone Suckin' Sauce Original,"we're Talkin' Serious"

Just like the rub this was surprisingly good.  This is a thicker sauce that is very savory.  I've seen this in stores. Ranks #83 so if we are going top #100 best sellers this hits the list on Amazon.

Sweet Baby Rays

I would venture to say this is the most popular store brand BBQ Sauce.  It's a little sweet for my tastes. Comes in at the #33 best seller so it officially ranks in the Top 50 Sauces on Amazon.  If you are making some wings be sure to grab their Buffalo Wing Sauce 

Stubbs BBQ Sauce

This is a variety you can buy in the store.  It's not bad but for the price, I'd make my own or buy the Dukes. 

Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce

This is a great tasting sweet and tangy BBQ sauce from Malcom Reed ranked just out side of the Top 25 BBQ sauces on Amazon.

Heath Riles BBQ Tangy Vinegar Barbecue Sauce

Another tangy BBQ sauce from another BBQ Pittmaster, Heath Riles.  Can't go wrong with either one and its hard to choose. That's why I bought both. #73 ranked best seller on Amazon.

The #1 Ranked BBQ Sauce on Amazon? Bachan's Japanese BBQ Sauce

I've been seeing this one pop up more and more in some recipes and videos.  This tastes very similar to an Eel sauce.

Dale's Steak Marinade

It's called Dales Steak Marinade but it's delicious on everything.  This can be bought in stores.  I love to marinade chicken in this.  Head over to the blog for the King Wing Recipe.

Chiavetta's Buffalo's own BBQ marinade

Chiavetta's is regional to Western NY.  If you live or have friends or family in the area you can find this in the grocery stores for much cheaper.  Check out the blog for the write up.

Best Maid Dill Juice

Yup it's Pickle Juice the secret ingredient to great fried chicken.  This will give you a similar taste to Chic-Fil-A

Kosmos Pork Soak

Kosmos makes some good blends.  One bag will give you enough to brine and inject it.  They do make specific brines and injections.

Oakridge Game Changer Brine

Oakridge like Kosmos makes a great variety and one bag will go a long way for a brine and injection.

South Chicago Packing Company Wagyu Beef Tallow 

This is an absolute must for briskets and beef ribs.  I also toss it in the cast iron for steaks, burgers, dogs and all things beef.

Cornhusker Duck Fat

Use this to kick things up a notch.  Great to add to chicken and useful for various other recipes.

Recommended rubs
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