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What is the #1 Accessory for the Pit Barrel Cooker?

I busted out the good ole trusty Pit Barrel to smoke a pork shoulder. It's been dormant in the corner of my garage. My favorite accessory I have for the Pit Barrel is the rolling dolly. Is it the top rated? Is it a must have? No but it will make your life much easier if you have to store the Pit Barrell. I upgraded to this one with locking casters. You can see the old base in my drive way. No more picking up and moving the Pit Barrel.

BestEquip Heavy Duty Drum Dolly Swivel Caster Wheel 30 Gallon Steel Frame Non Tipping

The finished product a 9lb pork shoulder. Using the Meat Church Holy Gospel Rub. This rub gives a great bark.

I use the Kamado Joe Classic II and the Pit Barrel Cooker! Check out for more information on the Kamado Joe, accessories, fuel, meats and more! FFBBQ participates in some affiliate programs so by purchasing from links you are helping support the site! So far FFBBQ has made 2 dollars! Really excited about that! Help keep the flame going add the items to your cart! Check out the essential accessories and other pages!


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