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The Kamado Joe Pro Joe is Kamado Joe's most spacious stainless steel and ceramic charcoal grill designed to perfect the taste and texture of your food.  The largest of our kamado ceramic grills features a stainless steel kontrol tower and includes the revolutionary SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert and 3-Tier Divide & Conquer® stainless steel Flexible Cooking System. If you thought you could only use this ceramic charcoal grill for bbq, think again. It offers restaurant-inspired capabilities for grilling, searing, roasting, and perfecting low-and-slow smoking.

 Its stainless steel grill grates not only heat up quickly, but they are easy to maintain and clean.

The Pro Joe is perfect for professionals, large families or entertaining a crowd

Model Number: PJ24NRHC 

You may have seen this video on my accessories page as well but here it is again. top 12 Kamado must have essentials video.

You can take the wood chips/chunks and the lump off the list to make this a top 10 because they are fuel and the lump is required.  So that leaves us with the KJ Classic III and the Big Joe III with 3.5 accessories included out of the box out of the 10 must have items.  Why 3.5?  The Divide and Conquer does off tiered cooking so it can act as an expander.  The catch is you need another grate, but the good news is that grate can be the sear grate saving money om just buying one item instead of two.

In fact Kamado Joe makes everything on this list with the exception of the wood chips and a BBQ Thermometer.  They do however have an electric starter.  By having branded products that will ensure there are no fitment  issues or no modifications needed.  Some accessories can void warranties as well which can be extremely costly.

Top 12 Kamado Grill Accessories

  1. Heat Deflectors

  2. Extended Cooking Racks

  3. Sear Grates

  4. Remote BBQ Thermometers

  5. Forced Air Temp Controllers

  6. Rib Racks

  7. Pizza Stones

  8. Grate Lifter

  9. Charcoal Ash Tools

  10. Charcoal Chimney

  11. Wood Chips/Chunks

  12. Lump Charcoal

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